You Can Now Nap on a Chocolate Chip Cookie, Croissant, or Donut

Talk about comfort food! All of our prayers have finally been answered, thanks to Cottonfood.


Yes, we can now rest our heads on a chocolate chip cookie!

Cookie Pillow

We can use a croissant as a neck pillow!

Croissant Pillow

And, most importantly, we can sit on a sprinkle donut!

Currently being sold on Gmarket:

  • Cookie Pillow here.
  • Croissant Pillow here.
  • Donut Pillow here.



Blood Types in Korea: An Infographic

Ever been asked, “What’s your sign?” In Korea, you are more likely to be asked, “What’s your blood type?” Blood types in Korea could be looked at as the equivalent of zodiac signs in America.

Dom & Hyo has made our lives much easier by creating this helpful infographic that explains what personality traits are believed to be associated with each blood type. Apparently, blood type could also determine romantic compatibility!

Source: Dom & Hyo

Source: Dom & Hyo

Does this accurately describe you? Comment below!

Keep an eye out for a future post with Korean celebrities’ blood types to check for compatibility. I’m sure they’ll give us a chance!

Quiz: How many Korean foods have you tried?



Think you’ve tried it all? Take this quiz to find out how many Korean foods you’ve eaten and post your score in the comments. Let the games begin!

Video: Evolution of K-Pop

Twenty years of K-Pop in eight minutes! Students from Wheaton College in Illinois put together this epic video, giving non-Korean students a taste of K-Pop from 1994-2014:

What have been your K-Pop favorites over the years?

2NE1’S CL Takes on Tradition for W Korea

Check out 2NE1’S “baddest female” CL modeling a modern take on Korea’s traditional wear, hanbok (한복), for an upcoming issue of W Korea. The concept is fittingly titled “The Queen”.

CL is currently preparing for her solo-debut in the U.S.

Source: W Korea

Source: W Korea

Source: W Korea

Source: W Korea

Source: W Korea

Source: W Korea

What has been your favorite CL-look over the years?


Source: W Korea