K-Makeup Tutorial: Gradient Lips

Gradient Lips Eunjung Gradient Lips

Some say it’s an effort to make lips look thinner in order to bring more attention to the eyes, others say it just looks pretty! Grab a nude lipstick, your favorite lip stain and some gloss to create gradient lips.

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

  1. Prime lightly with lip balm. Apply nude lipstick or concealer to outer lips.
  2. Dab lip stain on center of lips.
  3. Use fingers or brush to blend.
  4. Apply lip gloss or balm to finish.

Comment with your favorite lip stains!



    1. Here are a couple recommendations:

      Tony Moly Tony Tint
      Benefit Benetint
      Missha Signature Glam Art Triple Lips – first application is a stain, second is lipstick, third is gloss, so it can be used in multiple ways.

      First lightly apply a lip balm as a primer. When you apply the lip stain, make sure to blend the it out with your fingers or a brush. If you just apply it without blending, it’ll tend to look uneven or blotchy. You can also apply it in layers for a bolder look. I will usually add a lip balm or gloss on top to make it look a little more natural.

      Hopefully this helps! Let me know what ends up working for you.

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